We make videos.


Actually, it’s more than just ‘videos’, we make ‘screen content’.


All sorts of screen content – from big advertising commercials, TV programmes and docos, to social media clips and web videos.
Over the years, we’ve made a lot of them – for Ad agencies, business owners, multi-nationals and even Richie’s dad (to be honest, Richie’s dad was one of our toughest clients).
We’d love to make one for you.
We’ve been making ‘screen content’ since TVs were square and you had to rewind your VHS tape to avoid a surcharge at Blockbuster… so rest assured, you’re in experienced hands.
We plan, we direct, we shoot, we edit, we do the visual effects… we even make great coffee.


Give us a shout and we’ll cast a little Merlin magic for you.

Full Service Video Production

From script creation, production planning, approvals, shooting, drones Merlin can provide the full service production to your ideas. We produce high quality content for TV, Corporate, Social, Online & more.

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Video Editing, Design & Animation

In this ever changing world of technologies, Merlin can provide you with all the tools for modern video production. Editing, Design & Animation; Merlin can provide the full service production to your idea. We produce high quality content our of our Norwood suites or we can provide editors to make your in-house edit suite sing like a professional production house.

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Some of Our Work

The TVC production industry in Adelaide is a small community with a rich and creative history, but what it lacks in size is made up for in the quality of locally produced content.

Below are some recent examples of the work we’ve produced on a variety of budgets, from ‘cheap and cheerful’ retail spots to highly polished, visually stunning productions that resonate with the viewer and most importantly do the job they’re intended to do – stand out from the crowd.

Meet the Crew

Richard Lanyon

Director + Senior Editor + Company Director
Robert Henschke

Rob Henschke

Production + Senior Editor
Benjamin Day

Ben Day

Production + Editor

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Located in the traditional heart of Adelaide’s advertising precinct, Merlin has over 28 years of experience in producing high quality television, video and online productions

45 Charles Street, Norwood, SA 5067

Richie | 0418 844 272

Rob | 0402 434 408

Ben | 0433 793 559